NM Film alive and well

November 14th, 2011 at 11:10 am by under Face of Fox

Hollywood and New Mexico have a long standing relationship dating back to 1936 and just like any Hollywood relationship it is gonna be filled with lots of drama but in the end the good guy always wins.  And in this case New Mexico is the good guy.  Why?  Because I am an Actor who grew up in Santa Fe and left New Mexico to find the foot lights of Los Angeles.  But as of late the growing Film Industry of NM has brought me back home.  It all started for me in 2008 when I was at my home in Burbank California where I had been living for quite some time cutting my teeth on stage in LA and going head to head against the best of the best.  Where I got close to landing some life changing roles.  Getting close is the plight of any good actor and just like any other career it is what you do after you “fail”  that usually out weighs what you do after you succeed.  And for me that singular action has been never giving up!

It was any other day in the San Fernando Valley nothing stood out as special, I didn’t know it but it was.  My phone rings and it was my agent… I figured it was for an another audition.  ” You got the JOB” my agent replied, I had no idea what job we were talking about.  (As most actors have auditioned for many roles in one or two weeks.)  ” the Life Time Movie that shoots in New Mexico!” My agent replies.  As you can imagine I was very excited and as it turns out the role was a small one but none the less it started a trend of me of coming back home to NM to work in television and film.  And the true blue skies of New Mexico are smiling on me still today as I type form my desk here at 13 Broadcast Plaza as your Face of FOX for 2 Kasa FOX

The longer you act the deeper your insight into yourself becomes.  And those same principles apply to the Future of Film here in the great Land of Enchantment.  The closer I look at the likely hood of open minded hugely successful film makers choosing to shoot here in NM the clearer my understanding becomes.  Now don’t get me wrong there were some pretty dark days earlier this year as our Governor was looking to slash incentives which make our state irresistible to film makers.  All in the name of what was believed to be in the states best interest, which is why I was so scared.  But the closer Governor Martinez looks at the people and the lives Film touches here in New Mexico the picture goes from fuzz to HD.  However there are more reasons than a boost in tourism or increased Lodging and elevated commerce that will keep the cameras rolling.  We have more than several key elements here in New Mexico.  We have state of the art sound stages, better than 1st rate crews, breath taking landscapes rivaled by less than few.  And I like to believe some of the best talent this industry has to offer living right here today.  And the one continuing enigma that has had film makers flocking to New Mexico since the 30′s… And that is the unexplainable, unmistakable clarity and quality of  Sun Light.   Plus it doesn’t hurt that NM is just a quick little jet ride form La La Land a.k.a. Los Angeles.  So Lights…Camera… ACTION!  And the Oscar goes to New Mexico.

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