September, 2012

The Face of FOX top 5

September 18th, 2012 at 9:00 am by under Face of Fox

For those of you who have followed or have in fact thrown your hat in the ring.  It has been quite a journey, and for those of us who are performers artists and or journalists, well this is just the beginning.  Win, Loose, or Draw!  We all have either added this experience to our list of goals and dreams or perhaps for some of us it is the first step in your journey.  So… it is now that I ask all of you to look at each of your competitors and find a particular trait or skill that each of them posses and try to find that part  that exists inside you as well whether you know it or not.  Believe it to be true!  For it is now that you Top 5 contestants must believe that the next Face of FOX is you.  So ask your friends and family too for one more round of votes for you!  This is the last round but not the final step so try to leave your mark and make a statement with how many votes you get.  Sorry for all the rhyming I couldn’t help it ;)   But seriously this last and final round will be your last chance to weigh in your sentiment on why YOU should be the next Face.  And remember in this final round when you top 5 are brought in… this is your one  final chance to let the rest of us in.  So don’t hold back and let your personality shine through because it will be the one who shares their magic with New Mexico that will win!

Congratulations to all the TOP 10 Face of FOX contestants!

September 7th, 2012 at 9:49 am by under Face of Fox

I write this blog today in honor of every person that auditioned to be the Face of 2 KASA FOX, before me with me after me and beyond.  As much as I have LOVED being your Face of FOX and as LUCKY as I felt and still feel today to have been selected.  I must thank all of the entries for Face of FOX class of 2013 because it was having the opportunity to meet almost all of you that I realized that we all have a connection win loose or draw.  And no matter what, we can say we shared in this experience and I believe we will meet again and perhaps work together as well.  I know I have blogged earlier how sad I was to leave and that still rings true but more than that I am proud to in some way be linked with artists, journalists, comics, musicians, and actors alike… people like you.  People who dare to dream, people who set goals, people who live not without fear but push beyond their fears.  I guess what I am trying to say is Congratulations to all of you not only the top 20 or the Top 10 and for that matter not just the lucky soul who ultimately wins.  I want to say congratulations to all of you!