Monday at Balloon Fiesta

October 8th, 2012 at 11:53 am by under 2 KASA Style, 2 KASA This Morning

9:20am: Join us again tomorrow for more live streaming and live blogging here:

8:50am: Balloons fill the skies.  The field is now being cleared for this morning competition. FIT, this is the ‘fly-in task’ which is a target competition and the well known card game Texas Hold ‘em.  The high ‘Box’ could make the winner of today’s competitons.

8:47am: Special shape balloon from Albuquerque, Smokey takes off

8:45am: Balloon field is about to shift. Officials are going to ask people to clear the field for the mornings competition

8:43am: 2 KASA Face of FOX, Micheal Newman speaks with William from Sadies

8:41am: Special shape “Little Fireman” from Glens Falls, New York

8:32am: Fan favorite Darth Vader balloon flies by

8:31am: The Albuquerque Box is in effect today.  The fall weather in Albuquerque is known for its clear days and cool morning temperatures. This weather and what is known as the Albuquerque “box” allows visitors to see hundreds of balloons creating a kaleidoscope of color in the Albuquerque sky – there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Learn more about it with this interactive »

8:25am: June Romero from the NM Quilters Association join Nikki and Kristen on set

8:17am: Non-competitor balloons fly over the field

8:08am: And we’re off! The National Anthem just sung and the balloon carrying the American Flag just tool off.  Nikki, Kristen and Tom Garrity watch as the Route 66 Balloon drifts by.


8:05am: Here’s your Balloon Fiesta almanac update. Currently wind gusts are at 8mph.

8:00am: Balloons are beginning to inflate on field.  We are now broadcasting the NM Style show. Welcome our new w 2 KASA Fox Face Micheal Newman.

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