Tuesday at Ballloon Fiesta – Sid Cutter Memorial competition day

October 9th, 2012 at 10:37 am by under 2 KASA Style, 2 KASA This Morning

9:00am: The Sid Cutter Memorial competition comes to end. Join us again tomorrow for more live streaming and live blogging of the Flight of the Nations Mass Ascension Flying Competition.

8:51am: A different side of things, a view from the web desk…

8:47am: It was a cold start this morning but as the sun comes up, you begin to warm up.  Though there is competition on the field, the clear skies and the Albuquerque light make for some incredible images.

8:37am: Balloons begin to land.  They are not allow to land within the target range so after they drop their marker some pilots land down-field.  Other pilots make another go for the target with a little help of the Albuquerque Box.

8:28am: Pilots have to pilot in 360 degrees, left right, up and down.  As they come into the field and drop down to a target, they need to be aware of who is above them when they rapidly ascend again to move off field.

8:22am: A swarm of balloons make a race for the target.  Some just hang there trying to take aim.

8:13am: Pilots are now within the target range and dropping their markers.  They drop either from high up or descend rapidly and see how close they can get to the target.  These pilots really know how to maneuver their balloons.

8:10am: Here come the balloons, heading towards the field for the mornings competition

8:06am: The weather and the Albuquerque Box explained

8:00am: Now with New Mexico Style, Nikki and Kristen.  The balloon are preparing down-field for today’s competition.  The field is now open for the event!

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