I admit it…I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 this weekend

November 19th, 2012 at 5:13 pm by under Face of Fox

Sooo, among the many things going that went on around town this weekend, the last thing I expected to do was watch the finale of the teenage-vampire/werewolf-pop classic saga, Breaking Dawn. But out of spontaneous decision to want to be social and hang out with my best girl friends, I decided to pack away my ego and dignity and just go experience what Twilight was all about. Having never read the books, I came into it with no expectations and or hopes.

All I really knew about it was that die hard sci-fi enthusiasts and girls ages 10-16 had been looking forward to this movie for over a year. Mind you, I fall into neither one of those categories, but I did kind of want to see what all the hype was about. You hear all the stories of people waiting for hours in line, or dressing up as the favorite characters, so I kind of looking forward to that more than the movie. But I must say I was completely surprised about the film itself.

The movie was very entertaining and it definitely kept me engaged the whole time. Besides the expected cheese-ey vampire love scenes, the movie had a lot of unexpected turns and plot development. The humor was relatable¬† and sometimes the absurdity of vampires nonchalantly living cultured 21st century lives was quite comical.¬† It definitely grabs you emotionally at times, and the fights scenes were pretty epic. I was a little shocked to see so many vampire heads ripped off, considering its a “teen” movie. But I guess it got the point across.

Either way, I dont regret seeing it, and actually would say I enjoyed it. If your on the fence about seeing it and think the movie is not for you, I would say if you have a little peer pressure from friends or a little sister, just go with it. You may be surprised too!


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