Black Friday…Now Cyber Monday

November 26th, 2012 at 4:21 pm by under Face of Fox

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends! I also know a lot of people spent most of their Thursday night and Friday morning standing in lines in the cold. All in the name of Black Friday! I got to see some of the craziness when I was at Coronado Mall Friday morning. The mall was packed with families doing their holiday shopping. And I got the awesome task of passing out gift bags to those tired shoppers that had been up all night.

The best part about it was that inside 1 out of every 3 bags, there were American Express gift cards for up to $100.  So basically, I was passing out free money, and those die-hard Black Friday shoppers could not have been happier! I love my job!

So from having to stand in line for hours on Black Friday, now people are sitting on their computers for Cyber Monday. If you are still looking for some shopping tips for those online deals, check out NM Style’s interview with Twitter’s Marketing Director about how to find the best deals on Twitter!

Twitter Trends on Cyber Monday

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