Volunteering for “Dickens of a Dinner” in Huning Highlands

December 10th, 2012 at 2:40 pm by under Face of Fox

What’s the holiday season without all the parties!? One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to celebrate with people from all walks of life, celebrating all different types of customs. Its a great way to strengthen community and learn about other cultures. It is also a time to go to hilariously themed parties, such as the ugly Christmas sweater party or a Christmahannukwanzaa Party ( those are always fun).

This year I got to experience my first Victorian themed party. Last weekend I helped out at the traditional “Dickens of a Dinner” that happens every year in the beautiful historical district of Albuquerque, named Huning Highlands. The party is linked to the neighborhoods history, Huning Highlands being the first subdivision of Albuquerque datingĀ  all the way back to the 1880′s. The neighborhood was distinctly built in the Victorian style, and is one of the only neighborhoods that can say they are in the National Registry of Historic Places.

At this party, everyone dresses up in their best Victorian garb (as Charles Dickens would have done in the 1880′s) with Top hats, canes, and ascot’s and all. And everyone feasts in multiple peoples homes on the block. And later their is actual Horse & Buggy to escort all of the guests back to their car. It is quite the classy soiree!

So I decided to put on my elegant tuxedo, my shiny shoes, and help serve food/take pictures of the beautiful guests. It was a lot of fun, eat some great food and even made some new friends. Take a look at the photos…

Only in New Mexico!

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  1. Donette Cobb says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find out if there will be the Dickens of a Dinner this year; not sure how to find info on it. If you know anything please contact me through email. Thank you, Doni

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