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January 15th, 2013 at 5:04 pm by under Face of Fox

I recently got the opportunity to do a piece on the ABC (Albuquerque Bernalillo County) Public Library System, and classes they are hosting to educate people on how to use those new E-readers. As we all know, the way in which people are accessing and reading material is changing. Libraries have to therefore change the way they go about disseminating media to the public. Part of that process is to teach people how to use these new technologies and to showcase the resources the libraries have available for folks. That is why the ABC Library is hosting a series called, Gizmo Garage.

Gizmo Garage is a program series that is designed to help people navigate those new e-readers and tablets, as well as showcase over the 13,000 e-book titles that the library system has for FREE! That’s right for free!

I met with Tamara from the Main Library downtown, and she gave me the scoop on all the great things the library has to offer.

One of the things I was super surprised to hear about was, DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN CHECK OUT A KINDLE FROM THE LIBRARY FOR FREE?? I didn’t believe it, but you can actually check out an e-book for weeks at a time and read one of the over 13,000 ebooks that the library has online. That blew my mind.


This is me trying to think about how many free books I could read in one month. The possibilities are endless…

To see the thousands of e-books available, go to their website:

With all the awesome information I got, I could not walk out of the library without signing up for my very own library card!

So now I am equipped to get all the books/ebooks/cd’s/dvd’s/and many other resources that I could ever imagine.

I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of all the things the library has to offer! As a tax paying resident, all the resources are FREE! Can’t get better than that.

Thanks so much to Tamara from the ABC Libraries for all the great info! You rock.

If you missed the interview check it out here…

Gizmo Garage

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