All Faiths Receiving Home…Working Hard for NM Children

January 16th, 2013 at 4:43 pm by under Face of Fox

The All Faiths Receiving Home is a local non-profit that is committed to supporting vulnerable children and families through education, advocacy and treatment. Unfortunately, there are many children at risk for abuse in this country, specifically New Mexico, but All Faiths Receiving Home has been working hard to protect these children since 1956.

Last week I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with the CEO about the work they do and how people can help.

It was very touching to see the passionate professionals that work tirelessly to protect New Mexico’s children. The organization believes in comprehensive services that help children and their families heal from abuse and trauma.  They also provide the families with education, treatment, advocacy, food, clothing, and supportive and nurturing care givers.

The CEO Krisztina Ford, had much to say about the organization, but one thing that stuck out to me was that they strive to make a safe environment in which children can let go of trauma’s and finally begin the process of healing.

Im glad to know there are organizations like this in our state that are bettering the welfare of children and ultimately our whole community.

When asked about what people can do to help their mission, Krisztina mentioned the plethora of ways people can get involved. Please visit their website where you can find out how to donate funds, clothes, and/or your time as a volunteer.

Thank you Krizstina and all the wonderful staff at All Faiths Receiving Home, for the great work you do and for all the lives you have helped heal.

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