New Fox Comedy “The Goodwin Games” tonight!

May 20th, 2013 at 1:04 pm by under Face of Fox

Theres a new Tuesday night Comedy show premiering tonight on 2 KASA Fox, called “The Goodwin Games”. This new comedy looks hilarious and has a pretty awesome cast. The father is played by award winning actor Beau Bridges, Scott Foley from Grey’s Anatomy plays Dr. Henry Goodwin,T.J. Miller plays the up-to-no-good ex con brother, and Becki Newton plays Chloe Goodwin the only sister. Its about a group of siblings that have to play board games to win the mass fortune left by their late father. Check out the behind the scenes…


It looks like Tuesday nights are going to get even funnier. The season premier is tonight at 8:30!

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