Some sound advice for couples making the co-habitation leap…

November 6th, 2013 at 12:02 pm by under 2 KASA Style

Yes, folks… it’s the discussion no amorous couple wants to have, but one every couple needs to have.  Financial distribution of responsibility.  When we’re in the throes of love, it’s hard to imagine anything ever coming between you and your sweetie.  However, most relationships blame their demise on irreconcilable differences of finance.  So, as Charles Schwab VP Mike Bonds told us this morning, it’s best to discuss these issues before making the move.  Be clear about who owns what, who purchases what, and in the event of an unfortunate demise of the relationship, who takes what with them.

This is something that I think most folks have experienced a time or two in their lives.  I know I did years ago when a long-term relationship came to an end and the distribution of wealth, as it were, came into question.  Break-ups are hard enough.  No reason to make them worse if you can avoid it.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to see the inside of Carrie Tingley Hospital.  I mean that in the best way possible.  Having a child needing medical attention is about the scariest thing in the world, in my opinion.  Years ago, my niece was severely injured in a car accident that left her in a coma for days and left us hoping and praying she would come out of it.  Her recovery was long and arduous, but the folks at Carrie Tingley did every thing in their power to bring peace of mind to the family while we dealt with the nightmare.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to support organizations and foundations like Carrie Tingley.  Fortunately, Mark Pardo Salon and the Aveda Institute of New Mexico feel the same way.  Every year, they host the “Do Hair…Do Good” event in which community members participate in showing off new locks and new looks… all while raising money for a local non-profit.  This year’s recipient is Carrie Tingley Foundation and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier!  Well done, folks.

I’m always happy when my buddy Travelin’ Jack is back in the studio.  I’m a sucker for Bulldogs, and this sweet pooch has to be one of my favorite regulars on Style.  This time, he’s giving his paw stamp of approval to La Fonda in Santa Fe.  Newly renovated, La Fonda now has some amazing new accommodations for pets and their people.  Jack, and his chauffeur Jill Lane, have worked up a great deal for 2 KASA Style guests.  Book your reservation with your pooch now through the end of December and they’ll WAIVE your pet fee!  How swwweeeettt it is.

And if you don’t have any plans tonight… try and make it out to Galles Chevrolet, where they’ll be hosting the “Pictures for Hope” Holiday Card release party, benefitting Joy Junction.  Children at Joy Junction were given cameras and expert instruction by photojournalist Linda Solomon and began capturing their worlds through the lens.  Their creations will be featured on this year’s line-up of holiday cards.  You can pick up your set tonight or by emailing Joy Junction founder Jeremy Reynalds at

Check out this great viewer-submitted pic.  This is Pete Rhyins’ loyal companion Ozzie feeling right at home in his element -the beautiful foothills of the Sandias!  If you have a pick, click over on KASA Club and upload it.  We’d love to see your stuff.

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See y’all bright and early tomorrow for an all-new line-up on 2 KASA Mornings.

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