Have you finished your holiday shopping?

December 16th, 2013 at 1:37 pm by under 2 KASA Style

We’re 1 1/2 weeks away from Christmas, folks.  Have you done your shopping (or even started)?  If not, we have some great ideas for you on today’s show.

First, we’re talking with Debbie Stone, lifestyle expert, about some must-haves for the kitchen.  From all-in-one rotisserie ovens, to wine aerators and dispensers, she’s got some excellent ideas for the culinary expert in your life.  Check out our segment with her from today’s show for links to all the products.

We’re looking at some hot gifts for the cool peeps in our lives.  We’re talking with Julie Loffredi about the newest and coolest gifts on her list for both naughty and nice.  David Romero has some great gift ideas for Mom -all for under $10, and we’re giving the gift of financial responsibility for our kiddos with Claim Your Youth.

We’re also getting a taste of what’s on the Christmas menu at Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe.  If you haven’t spent some time in Santa Fe during the holidays, you’re missing out!

If you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping, why not catch a great show from Musical Theatre Southwest.  Barnum opened this weekend and we’re talking with the star of the show, Erick Seelinger, who talks about the history of PT Barnum and the show now running through December 29th.

We want to send a quick shout-out to all the folks that participated, spread the word, donated and gave a helping hand to the USMC and the Toys for Tots campaign.  You still have one last chance to donate through the Downs Racetrack in Albuquerque.  They’ll be taking gifts through Wednesday.

Join us tomorrow for an all-new Style.  We’ll be talking with Yelp’s Howie Kaibel and some great recommendations on giving housewarming gifts to your holiday party hosts.  Also, we’re getting a better look at what’s new at Gertrude Zachary with sales manager Vince Summers.  Plus, we’ll be talking with Nancy Banner about how to take comfort cooking to holistic cooking.  Until tomorrow, amigos!


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