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January 2nd, 2014 at 11:44 am by under 2 KASA Style

Many folks are returning to the grind after a happy holiday season.  Many still are enjoying an extended weekend with time off until next Monday.  Either way, we at 2 KASA hope you and yours had a great holiday season.

Reality for you may be a return to work.  However, the reality for others is the struggle and uncertainty of finding work, as well as finding a way to feed and care for their families.  Fortunately, Albuquerque has the Storehouse, which is working around the clock to bring clothing, food and other necessities to struggling families.  The great thing about the Storehouse is that they not only provide the foods and services needed by clients, they also provide the education and empowerment to create self-sustaining customers, giving them all elements they need to get back on their feet.

Another organization empowering New Mexicans to get back on their feet is UNM’s Career Service Center.  They’ll be hosting a career expo on February 13th and we’re getting tips from Autumn Collins on how to prepare ourselves for success in finding that dream job in the New Year.  She’s also giving us great tips on how to advance the career path we’re currently on to make more of, and for, ourselves.

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for people, either.  Jill Lane and Travelin’ Jack are back with some great “canine commitments” for 2014.  This year is all about bettering our pets with exercise, annual check-ups and of course, pet-cations.  Believe me, TJ knows more about pamperin’ pooches than anyone.  Take a lesson from his paw-book and get yourself and your four-legged friend on the right track.

Speaking of pampering, Bair Medical Spa offers a wide variety of medical and wellness treatments in a spa setting, getting you relaxed and healthy at the same time.  Dr. Dean Bair explains how their mantra of “confidence is beauty” has driven their exceptional business for ten years.  Log on to to find out which services can help you.

And many of you may be starting your new year off newly engaged.  If so, congratulations!  Also – you’re in for a lot of planning.  Never fear, we’re talking with wedding planner Genie Rosetti about timelines, important tasks and the roles of our parents, our maids of honor and our best men.  She’s got some great information that will make the planning process much easier, and actually fun!

Tomorrow on Style, we’ll be talking with two trivia “Geeks” who are headed to a national competition representing the Duke City.  Plus, we’re getting some holistic and healthy cooking tips in the Builders Source Kitchen and Bookworks is in the studio with their picks of good reads to start your year off right.

PS -did you see this pic of Liz and I from NYE?  Started off 2014 right @ 2 KASA with some non-alcoholic sparking cider!  Yum…


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