First full week of 2014

January 6th, 2014 at 4:19 pm by under 2 KASA Style

Well, sad to say goodbye to the holidays, but it’s always exciting to get cracking at a brand new year.  Now that 2014 is in full swing, let’s get at it!

First up, we’re talking with nutritionist and personal trainer Courtney Byrd about some rather gross things commonly found in fast food.  We always here that cutting out the fast food from our diet can have incredible effects on our weight, energy and overall health.  However, getting down to the nitty gritty (literally), some of the ingredients might have you running for the ‘loo before you’ve taken one single bite.

Hey, speaking of gross -have you checked out Grossology at the UNM Museum of Natural History and Science?  This one-of-a-kind exhibit explores the impolite science of the human body.  Why do we pass gas?  How does the process of vomiting work?  What’s the deal with our skin (and its odd relationship with rock-climbing -of sorts)?  All this and more is on display through May @ the museum!

On to much more appealing topics, we’re taking a closer look at Arca Organics.  Much of the foods and organics raised on this farm can be found on the tables of many great eateries around town.  In addition, they’re giving folks with special needs a great place to call work, as well as putting passion and pride into the healthy contribution to our community.

If healthy eating is part of your 2014 resolution list, or hitting the gym… or really, ANYTHING, you may be feeling the challenge of keeping that resolution now that the holidays are over.  Not to worry, you may just need a bit of motivation.  Intuitive coach Candice Thomas is in the studio sharing with us some common problems with keeping those resolutions, as well as great, and realistic solutions.

Maybe your resolution is to get out and see more theater.  If so, you’re in luck this month.  Albuquerque is FULL of performances this month.  We’re learning about a series of one-act plays happening at the Vortex Theater starting this weekend.  Lee Kitts, a renowned and respected acting coach, has mentored three up-and coming directors to direct the series, entitled By The Sea. Get out and see some theatre, folks… it’ll do your soul good.

Having pets will do the soul good as well.  If you received a puppy over the holidays, you may be facing some challenges in terms of house-breaking, mouthing and other new-pup no-no’s.  Animal trainer Are Deller, owner of Arie’s Dog Training is in the studio with Lulu, talking about some of these challenges, and what we can do to curb the issues an make them healthy and happy additions to our families.

We can also get our pups some great food at Pet Food Gone Wild in Rio Rancho.  Susana Vasquez stops by to share the success stories of 2013 and what the food store has up their paw for 2014.  Also, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to bathe your pets, they have you covered too… even if we’re talking Great Danes!

Lastly, if instead of a pup, your household welcomed a new computer or device that has you scratching your head, give Computers 101 a call.  Monique Velasquez, owner and operator, can walk you through new operating systems, programs, upgrades and devices.  Regardless if you’re working Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, she’s got you covered.

Tomorrow on Style, we’re talking about the two kinds of people in this world:  Those that like Downton Abbey and those that like Sherlock Holmes.  Did you know you can tell the difference between their choices of teas?  Tune in tomorrow to find out more…

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