Happy Wednesday!

January 8th, 2014 at 7:14 am by under 2 KASA This Morning

Join us on 2 KASA This Morning right now! We have so much for you today.

First up – there are a bunch of people in the studio in their pajamas! No, they’re not lazy – they’re talking about a run you can do in your pajamas (hope they’re flannel) for a good cause.

Then, do you want to detoxify your body? And do it the right way? We’re talking with a doc from Lovelace about how to make it happen. And I think we’re whipping up a “yummy” detox shake.

Do your preschoolers want to get involved in art? We’ll show you how. And how could I forget – Elvis is in the building!!! Well, an Elvis impersonator that is. He’s going to perform for us and we’ll tell you how to see his show.

So – sit back, relax, grab some hot coffee, tea, cocoa, Cheerios or whatever and join us on 2 KASA This Morning right now!

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