¡Vive la Revolucion!

January 16th, 2014 at 12:04 pm by under 2 KASA Style

The Revolutions International Theatre Festival is underway, bringing artists from all over the world to the Duke City for three weeks of performance and cultural exchange.  I’d like to take today’s blog to share with you a story of this festival and why I believe it is so important to our community.

Years ago, I was a member of Tricklock and worked as a resident actor and marketing director for the company.  Revolutions is a beast to produce, and as many of the members who have worked on the festival will attest, very little sleep is had during the festival.  Producers work for little to no money, work 14+ hour days and most of the time do it with a smile in their heart and a skip in their step.  Why?  In this blogger’s opinion, it’s the cultural exchange.

In 2004, we welcomed Acco Theatre Centre from Acco, Israel.  Acco is a small town situated near the border of Palestine and Israel.  As you can image, January 2004 was a tumultuous time for international travel and exchange, especially with the Israeli/Palestinian region.  In fact, one of the members of the company was detained in New York due to the fact that his name was similar to that of an individual on the terror watch list.  Our nation was months into a polarizing conflict and uncertainty was the zeitgeist of our day.

Which is why it was vital to bring this company to New Mexico.

After seeing their shows, having sit down meals with them, breaking bread and libation with them, we realized that our perspective in the United States of what day-to-day life was like in Acco was extremely canted.  As one of the members stated to us, “the people of Acco (half Israeli, half Palestinian) don’t hate each other.  It’s our governments that hate each other.”  For months, we were given only snippets, soundbites and shocking images of a war-torn region where we were led to believe all of the inhabitants were in bitter, daily conflict.  What we learned from these folks is that the unheard voices advocated peace and tolerance.  No one in Acco wanted to see their town destroyed, their loved ones injured or their lives torn apart.  We were witnessing first-hand Palestinian and Israeli artists working together, sharing, collaborating and making a voice for peace.

Within a week, the world became much smaller.

While these may sound like lofty ideals, Revolutions’ mantra is that change starts in our communities, our homes and with our experience of the outside world.  It strives for education through art.  And while not all shows on the line-up will shatter your perspectives on life (much of the line-up will have you splitting your sides with laughter), it’s the experience of global interaction with one another that makes the three weeks of Revolutions so unique and so wonderful for New Mexico.

Get out and make it a great day in your world, folks…


PS -Here’s a shot of Otto and Astrid Rot from Die Roten Punkte in our Take 2 Cafe @ 2 KASA…


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