2 KASA This Morning – Monday, February 24th

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Question of the Day

-February is known as time management month. When it comes to time management, what are you best and worst at?

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A huge challenge that we face as mommies is measuring our day to day success.  When you’re at a job or volunteering outside the home it is easier to measure how you’re doing, either with a pat on the back or completion of a project but when you’re at home no one really sees or appreciates that you pushed to do 6 loads of laundry instead of 4!

Or that you said no to eating that brownie every time you walked into the kitchen yesterday.  Sometimes it can just be down right discouraging or depressing to not get any outside encouragement.  Then we start the negative self-talk and it turns into a bad day.

Introducing… The Mermaid Jars!  These jars are a cute reward system just for you.  Find 2 jars at home or at the store and decorate them.  We put mermaids in ours with signs.  One sign says “YAY ME!”  and the other sign says “I CAN DO BETTER!”  Every time you make a good decision, like saying no to the brownie or choosing to go outside and cool off instead of yelling at the kids, put a chip or coin in  your “YAY ME” jar.

Then when you make a choice that you know can be better put a coin or chip in the “I CAN DO BETTER” jar.  I promise that most days you will be amazed at all the good choices you make at home.  Your thoughts will become more positive and that really affects the mood of your home and family.

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