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As moms we’ve all been there.  In the morning you give your child a cheerful “good morning” and it is met with a frown and grumpy attitude.  Or how about when you’ve planned something really fun like going to the beach and you look at your children and all you see is pouting faces.  My first inclination is to get upset… “what do my children have to be grumpy about?”  I take it personal and then I want to yell at them and I get in a bad mood, then they re-act me and it’s a horrible cycle.

We have done some research into ways we can stop reacting negatively to our kids when they are in grumpy moods and actually turn those frowns upside down.

First and foremost, remember to keep your cool.  Either your child is grumpy because of something that has nothing to do with you or because he/she is trying to manipulate you and loosing your temper will not help either situation.  The best thing to do is try to figure out why your child is grumpy.

Most of the time it’s a reaction to a physical need like sleep or hunger.  A classic example is grumpiness right after school.  Give them a break with a quite ride home from school or alone time and especially a healthy snack.  And sometimes kids can just be tired from getting out of their normal routine with naps and bedtime, so pay attention.

Another reason you might be hearing whining and groaning is your kids are trying to find a way to communicate displeasure or frustration.

These little people have to be taught how to express themselves and communicate… I think sometimes we forget that.  So next time your kids are whining about wanting something, stop them and calmly say; “I will listen to what you have to say when you speak in a normal tone.”

We saw on-line that someone suggested at bedtime have the kids tell 3 things they liked about their day and one thing they didn’t like… what a great way for them to learn how to talk about negative things without whining.

Sometimes, you’ve done all you can to figure out why your child is grumpy and it just comes down to them being difficult or defiant and in this situation again remember to not react to their grumpy attitude.

If your son or daughter is throwing a fit, send them to their room and tell them they can come out when their attitude improves or you can tell them, “If you say it in that tone, the answer is always no, but if you ask nicely then you might get a yes.”  And especially as the kids get older you might have to impose consequences like extra chores or losing a privilege is their negative attitude persists.

Overall, the more you communicate with your kids and spend time with them and understand their frustrations, the easier it will be to change their grumpy attitudes when they come along. And unfortunately sometimes medical intervention is needed, so if you’re really worried about your son or daughter then please tell your pediatrician.

We hope this helps you have more success next time you’re faced with grumpy child syndrome!

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