Action Packed Newsroom for Election Night

November 7th, 2012 at 10:45 am by under Face of Fox

As we all know, last night was a night full of politics, voting, counting, and projecting. With all the breaking results, it was a BIG night for news. Being the Face of Fox, I got the task of being part of the breaking news team to update election results through our social media sites. This gave me access to the behind the scenes look of how rapid it is in the KRQE newsroom when every minute there is something happening. There were producers running everywhere with scripts, people on phones getting updated results, reporters live on the street. It was like a constantly moving machine, getting updates in real time and putting information out to our viewers at the same time.

Here at the news desk, folks are in the zone getting up to the second information to be broadcasted live within minutes.

Here you see Anchor Dean Staley seconds before he goes on air, giving election results.

Dick Knipfing and Gabe Sanchez giving political analysis on Propositions on the ballot.

It was cool experience being in the midst of the non-stop election coverage, seeing how much goes into making television happen. Also, it was an eye-opening experience for me using social media as a way to update people on the status of the election.