Ojo Caliente Getaway

November 14th, 2012 at 12:13 pm by under Face of Fox

So if you guys haven’t noticed yet, the seasons have been changing dramatically the last couple days. Its getting darker earlier, the temperature has been between 30-50 degrees for the past week, and people are starting to get out those winter coats! As much as I’m looking forward to the shift into winter, Ive been yearning for those “shirt and shorts” days of fall. But I guess it’s better to embrace the cold with ease. That’s why I decided to take a day trip and warmed up with some friends at the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, about 3 hours outside of Albuquerque. It was a beautiful drive and gave me some well needed relaxation.

It’s a little gem tucked away in the hills of Central New Mexico. The gorgeous high desert landscape helps set the serene ambiance, getting people out of their normally hectic city lives. It is a full resort & spa and has over five different mineral hot springs around the resort. The offer massages, herb baths, and sweat wraps (which I got to experience and loved) And for only $25 you have access to all the pools, sauna/steam room, and locker rooms. It was a great deal for the experience.


I got to literally hang out in hammocks all day and read.

Here is a view up to the sky from one of the hammocks.

Lastly, here is a picture of the peaceful labyrinth in the courtyard. I was really amazed at all the vibrant colors of the Earth and the sky. This place was highly enchanting and I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of town and warm up during the winter.